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What you get with Promotion king's Content Management Solution

  • Scalability and Flexibility - The ability to grow and adapt to meet new and future needs is essential to the value of any content management solution.
  • Experienced Development Team - We've setup and installed many content management solutions and have the in-house knowledge to make it a smooth transition for you.
  • Best In Class Technology - Promotion King partners with only the best technology partners to provide the platform on which we develop our content management solutions.

The value of a good Content Management Solution

The ability to change or modify content within your organizations Internet and Intranet sites is crucial. No longer do you need to wait for lengthy design or programming changes that used to be required to make changes to your content. Now, with an effective Content Management solution, you can:

  • Change / modify / delete product listings including price, description, photo, etc.
  • Add new products or features.
  • Create templates to make global changes across multiple pages.
  • Define various levels of access allowing employees various levels of control.
  • Control and / or moderate discussion areas or postings to control vocabulary.

Scalable and Flexible

Our content management platform serves as a perfect compliment to our E-Commerce solution. The content management system is extremely flexible to your organization's business goals and objectives. As you grow, it grows with you.

We're proactive in addressing your organization's needs in the future by having a content management system that is scalable for long term success. We know that the ability to swiftly shift course to address changing market conditions or new competitive pressures is key to maintaining the value of your Internet and Intranet sites. We make it easy to make future changes and allow you to grow with the solution. The result is a Content Management solution that will become an invaluable tool to your organization.

Experienced Development Team

Promotion King has over 11 years experience integrating technology solutions for our clients. From e-commerce sites to complex product and offer management solutions, our in house team of developers will integrate a content management solution that will address your core issues and objectives for it. We'll provide you with a new set of tools to take control of the day to day management of all of your content.

Best in Class Technology

Our Content Management Solution provides an ideal framework for building web-based, Microsoft® .NET -connected solutions for ASP.NET 2.0. Tightly integrated with Active Directory®, this solution allows you to easily and securely manage permissions. Built with ultimate scalability in mind, you can easily transform from a single server installation to a large load-balanced, high-availability server farm.

Some Features of Promotion King's Content Management Solution:

  • Client defined design templates.
  • Rich media capabilities.
  • Easy to use for all members of your organization (no HTML knowledge needed)
  • Customizable modules for different messaging styles.
  • Store history of changes.
  • Ability to schedule content or deliver on demand.
  • Supports forums, blogs, polls, and events.
  • Can support multiple servers.

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