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Online marketing is as old as the internet itself is. Big organizations like yahoo, google, Microsoft and all the organizations all over the world either online virtual business organizations or real market organizations are very much concerned with their online marketing. They are very keen to use innovational strategies and opportunities to develop their markets in the best possible ways. Today, Google maps, YAHOO Maps and BING are not only the easiest way to find out a location in some countries but also provide best opportunity to market your businesses worldwide. Through just a little use of the fingers on the keyboard and mouse of the computer your customers can track you from anywhere in the world. Your accurate company name, address, hours of operation and specialty services is essential to the success of your on-line marketing success. This is expertly done by us through Local Maps Optimization.

It is very critical to organize your Local Maps Optimization campaign as is gathering correct business data. Our standard operating procedure for Maps optimization is asking the right questions about the interests and focuses of your internet marketing campaign. This information is used to create both an immediate as well as a long term plan to make you compete your competitors by keeping you way higher than your competitors. The next step is to take a deep review of your existing on-line presence, updating your web information as required. Following this we develop a preliminary campaign that is strategically reviewed and then further hone your presence by meticulously establishing the framework for the duration of your campaign. Now it’s time to shine! At last our astute professionals accurately deposit your business information into the various local directories relevant to your services and industry. All the while our goal is your goal - to maximize curiosity and viewership, turning spectators into paying customers for a continually growing Return On Investment!

As map listings become more prominent in local search, the effect on overall marketing strategy has shifted fundamentally. For local business marketing, map optimization now reigns as the most critical aspect of local SEO Marketing.

Local map listings especially Google maps listing are now one of the most important elements in your online marketing strategy. They appear on the left side of the page – often at the very top of the results and always above the organic listings. Eye chart studies have shown that this area of the first page of search engines is the most viewed area – thus, it may be the most critical elements of any organic search marketing strategy.

The good news is that local map listings are free to register for your business, however, map listings on Google display only 10 companies on the first page (displayed as A-J). Being that 96% of searchers never leave the first page when they search, it is critical to obtain a first page position in the local maps area. Although the local map listings have only become a major factor recently, our team has studied and continues to study local map rankings and unlike most SEO firms, we have mastered the art of obtaining first page and A listings in Google and Yahoo local maps.

Google, Yahoo, and Bing feature maps now for more local oriented keyword searches than ever before. Google maps marketing is a new discipline that includes nuances that are unique and complex. For local search terms like: "Los Angeles Insurance" or "Chicago Plumber", the maps are placed above all other organic links, supplanting the traditional organic links as the most valued part of Google's first page.

Not surprisingly, the organic results (starting with the Map Listings), receive over 75% of all the click traffic 96% of users who never leave the first page when they search. One thing is for certain, the local map section resides in a very critical area of the page as most users begin scanning their search results starting at the top left section of the search page.

Local map listings are practical for searchers. Searchers may prefer local results that include immediate access to practical information (maps and phone numbers) to paid and traditional natural listings. In addition, important business details can be evaluated. Customer reviews are obtainable with one click – so a searcher can evaluate and contact a company all in one easy step with map listings. In addition, users can reward or penalize a business with a negative or positive review. These features are not available in the sponsored and traditional organic results.

With all the assistance for you online marketing strategies we can guarantee you first page placement for the competitive and high traffic keywords in your market. As a result you will see a substantial impact on your bottom line profit and a unique market advantage that few firms can provide.

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