We develop e-commerce solutions that provide substantial benefits for your website.

E-Commerce Development

What you get with Promotion King’s E-Commerce Development Services

Our Web developers and marketing team, integrate an interior design concepts into your website. We are capable:

  • Marketing Centric Interactive Development – All our programming and design efforts are built around the ability to market your website’s products or services.
  • Scalable, Sophisticated .NET technology – Promotion King has embraced one of the most marketing friendly technologies to maximize your ROI.
  • Over 11 years building eCommerce Solutions – Promotion King has evolved along with the technology allowing us to provide our clients with a competitive advantage.
  • Multidisciplinary Interactive in-house team – Our clients know that it takes more than a website to build a business online. We provide all the necessary marketing knowledge for our clients to succeed after their site has been deployed.
  • Microsoft Certified Partner – We provide our clients with the peace of mind of being certified by one of the leaders in the industry.

Marketing Centric e-Commerce Development Solutions

Promotion King’s mantra is that e-commerce solutions are driven by marketing objectives. We develop e-commerce solutions that provide substantial benefits for your website and help achieve your overall Internet marketing goals. These benefits include a personalized user experience, consumer behavior tracking, content targeting, advanced business intelligence, and more. Our solutions are scalable, reliable, and developed upon an easy to use management interface that minimizes maintenance times and ownership costs.

Better yet, our Internet marketing experience across multiple industries and analytic driven decision making process will help guide you to development of an e-commerce platform that not only looks good, but provides true results. We know what converts, let us prove it to you.

Testimonial – Markham ecenter Canada
Promotion King was hired by Markham ecenter, to build our first e-commerce site and integrate it into our existing operating system. Due to our immediate need to begin testing the solution with our key customers, Promotion King was given 90 days to complete the project. By meeting our tight schedule, assisting our staff with innovative solutions, and having a solid understanding of business principles, Promotion King has proven to be a reliable e-Business resource for our company.
Jackie Zu

Scalable, sophisticated .Net Technology

.Net technology offers many far-reaching benefits for eCommerce Organizations. It enables Promotion King to develop powerful information systems using all capabilities of modern computers and networks without implementing helper functions. It allows us to concentrate only on the business logic of the product. Thus Promotion King is able to quickly create high-quality programs with a multitude of Internet integrated capabilities while reducing costs.

Built on XML Web service standards, Microsoft .NET-connected software enables both new and existing applications to connect with software and services across platforms, applications, and programming languages. .Net is already shifting the focus from individual Web sites or devices connected to the Internet to constellations of computers, devices, and services that work together to deliver more comprehensive programs.

Over 11 years building eCommerce solutions

Promotion King started building eCommerce solutions in 1995. Since then, the sophistication and speed of eCommerce solutions has increased significantly and users are far more demanding in terms of features and ease of use. Promotion King has grown with the industry and has over the years built eCommerce sites ranging from Online DVD Rentals, to Online Hotel reservations, retail websites for a number of industries, dating sites, auction sites and more.

Promotion King is well aware that the main value of an eCommerce site lies in its ability to make technology as invisible as possible to the consumer, while providing a user friendly sales centric buying environment.

Multi Disciplinary in-house team

One of Promotion King’s most significant strengths lies in the fact that in addition to building world class eCommerce solutions we have a powerful online marketing team that specializes in both Paid and Organic Search Engine Marketing as well as Web Analytics and Usability. This provides our clients with the distinct advantage of having their technical team communicate well with marketing to achieve your business objectives. We’ll never build in a vacuum leaving you responsible for piecing it all together.

The Right E-Commerce Development Solution for Your Business


  • Create unique promo codes for entire audience or segment to specific target groups.
  • Collect demographic, psychographic and lifestyle information from customer segments to aid future marketing efforts.
  • Develop customized pages per customer segment that helps optimize conversion rates and ROI.
  • Personalize marketing messages per customer segment to ensure best chances for success.


  • Create unique cross-sell and up-sell opportunities on product pages and shopping cart.
  • Personalize site look and feel by customer segment. You can alter page content, page layout, and other factors that will create a more unique shopping experience.
  • Dynamic merchandising capabilities – product zoom, color switching, panning, rotate, etc.


  • Gift certificate or gift cards
  • Customer reviews
  • Tax administration
  • Shipping controls
  • Personal accounts
  • Order History
  • Inventory management
  • Credit card encryption
  • Multiple ship
  • And much more…
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