We knows how to take campaigns with lackluster ROI and transform them into stellar successes.

What is Search Engine Advertising or “Pay-per-click”?

When a search is made on major search engines, two sets of results are returned. A list of “organic search” results and a list of paid advertising. The paid advertising is typically displayed at the top of the page and down the right hand side. As the title suggests, advertisers pay for this privilege. The position in the listing is determined by bidding for particular keywords. The higher you bid, the more likely you will place higher in the search results.

If someone clicks on your listing, they arrive at your web site and you are charged the amount you bid. So, if you bid $0.15 per click on ‘mykeyword’, and that’s the highest bid, your advert will appear on the top of the list. If 100 people click on your paid listing, then the search engine or PPC service will charge you $15.00.

What you get with Promotion king PPC

Are your Google pay per click advertising costs rising with no end in sight? Are your conversions not what they need to be to operate cost effectively? Promotion King can help. With WebMetro’s Pay Per Click Advertising team you get:

  • Documented Successes – For over 11 years Promotion King’s Internet advertising services have exceeding client expectations, let our search engine marketing clients tell you about it.
  • Multi-Disciplinary Approach – As a full-service search engine marketing agency, all our Pay Per Click Advertising efforts are executed in-house, with all disciplines required to make your paid search marketing campaign a success.
  • Best in Class Pay Per Click Search Engine Marketing Technology – We have the best combination of proprietary, custom developed applications and existing tools available in the industry.
  • Superior Marketing Intelligence – We maintain strategic partnerships and subscriptions with the best Internet advertising and marketing sources of knowledge and analytical research tools.
  • Search Engine Marketing Certified – We’re certified by the top search engines including Google, Yahoo and MSN.

Documented Success

Promotion King’s clients include organizations among the Fortune 1000, Internet Retailer’s Top 500, Inc 500, and a healthy mix of smaller advertisers dedicated to growth. In fact, some of our former “small” advertisers are now on the prestigious lists mentioned above. Our advantage is that we approach your business with a solid foundation of search engine marketing technology, but we don’t solely rely on the technology. Rather, we rely on our people, our search engine marketing methodology, and our commitment to make your pay per click advertising campaign a success.

When you are ready for business we will invite you to talk with some our clients so they can tell you about their successes with Promotion King.

Multi-Disciplinary Approach

Promotion King provides comprehensive, closed loop, Internet marketing services. We realize that a successful Internet and search engine marketing campaign requires integration and synergy among services and teams. We pride ourselves on having developed an expert, multi-disciplinary team that provides results and constantly seeks ways to reinvent your account.

The foundation of our comprehensive solution is pay per click advertising. Our pay per click advertising team goes beyond the traditional bid management and millions of keywords strategy. We work with you to understand your core customer’s search and buying behavior. Promotion King then leverages our expertise across industries to develop a search marketing campaign that will achieve your desired results.

Best in Class Technology

At the center of its technology arsenal, Promotion King has developed highly sophisticated tool which provides extensive insight into each campaign with an ability to drill down to the most granular data. It also allows our teams to manage all campaigns efficiently as discrete groups of user selected variables (Portfolio) or as individual records (keyword based). Additionally, Promotion King has partnerships and licenses with market leaders in the areas of marketing intelligence, web analytics and more.

No technology, however, is capable of uncovering the nuances of each online business in and of it self. That is why, Promotion King’s long experience in this industry and the command of these sophisticated tools by its team has proven to be a winning formula for our clients.

Superior Marketing Intelligence

We all know that a commercial plane can no longer fly without radar, nor can an online marketer succeed without the right business intelligence. In addition to our overall knowledge of the paid search market and our countless industry contacts, Promotion King has access to the most extensive collection of consumer behavior data about visitors to your competitors websites. By leveraging this market intelligence, Promotion King is able to expose weaknesses in your competitor’s online business and help you build more business while improving the results of your advertisement investment.

Search Engine Marketing Certified

As a pioneer in paid search marketing, Promotion King was one of the first Ambassador Partners for Yahoo (then Overture), later becoming SEM agency certified by both Yahoo and Google (Qualified Adwords Company). We are also Search Submit Pro (SSP) Certified by Yahoo and have direct Application Programming Interfaces to Google, Yahoo and MSN, as well as other second tier engines.

We are able to leverage these certifications and continually avail ourselves of new knowledge. We’re also able to master changes and upgrades to each platform even before they are released by search engines. Our recent preparation for Yahoo Panama provided for a smooth transition and maximum benefit to our clients.

Minimized Risk and Maximized Return

Pay per click advertising campaign’s by there very nature involve many variables and multiple moving parts. Promotion King will ensure that your investment is protected and your return on that investment is maximized. After all, the key to a successful PPC campaign has to be accountability to the bottom line. Your pay per click advertising campaigns must produce. Whether you are targeting direct sales or loading leads into a sales system, your pay per click advertising campaigns must do so in a profitable manner that meets or exceeds your ROI goals.

Promotion King knows how to take campaigns with lackluster ROI and transform them into stellar successes. We know how to isolate untapped market potential and expose lost opportunities. We’ll increase your reach and optimize your media efficiencies. We’ll uncover your unique competitive position and then exploit it so that you win in the pay per click advertising arena. The bottom line will always be maximum ROI.

Our Pay Per Click Advertising Services Include:

  • Paid Search Marketing strategy consultation.
  • Keyword research, discovery, and development.
  • Ad copy creation.
  • Landing page and creative design that support pay per click advertising efforts.
  • API Access to pay per click advertising data from Google, Yahoo, and MSN.
  • Centralized keyword management interface.
  • PPC Bid management solution integrated with keyword management interface.
  • Customizable PPC report suite.
  • Ad copy and landing page analytics.
  • And other services…
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