Designing superior online customer experiences.

Driving qualified leads to your site using search engine marketing techniques is a great outcome but you need to use these opportunities to achieve your business goals. This requires “purposeful design” of your website.

Promotion King applies “user based design” techniques to ensure that your website design is highly tuned to your target market. We are different to most website design companies in that we go beyond just great technical skills, we bring online business strategy and user based design capabilities to your project. This helps you to achieve your online business goals.

We also employ some of the best web designers, graphic artists and programmers to create superior customer experiences when they visit you on the internet.

Depending on your needs we can provide

  • Website design – applying new techniques for new sites or existing sites
  • Website development – Html, Xhtml, PHP, ASP and JSP
  • eCommerce – shopping carts with integrated payments and shipping
  • CMS – Content Management Solutions
  • Flash – Dynamic Adobe Flash based websites
  • Branding – Graphic art, Logo production and letterheads etc.

Your web site is crucial in establishing and developing a strong online brand image.

Contact us to discuss your needs – there is no obligation. You may like to review some of our existing customers web sites in our portfolio. You may also appreciate reading our articles on website design.

With Promotion King’s Web Design Services you get

  • Marketing Focused Web Design – Design should not be done for designs sake. You need targeted messaging and a deep understanding of your customer.
  • Effective / Usability Guided Design – Success comes not when you love your site, but when your users interact in a meaningful way and produce real results.
  • Award Winning Design Team – We’ve created literally hundreds of websites over the past 11 years. Many of the sites we’ve built have risen to the top of their respective fields and have served as models from which our competition draws inspiration.
  • Goal Oriented Approach – Unlike boutique designers who want to wow you with visuals, we want to wow you with the results your new sites will produce.

Marketing Focused Web Design

If design is subjective, how do you measure success and distinguish good design from bad? We focus on a balanced scorecard, including conversion rate, average order value and ROI to measure design success. By catering design to a six-point consumer buy funnel, our designers achieve success by leveraging consumer behavior information to create designs that impact your bottom line.

The Importance of Effective Website Design

Effective design plays a major role in the results of any online marketing campaign. Ultimately, the ease at which users interact with your website will determine its success. By strictly adhering to our best-practices approach to website design, we’ve been able to dramatically increase conversion rates and ROI for our clients.

Promotion King’s Award Winning Design Team

Each member of our Design team is as proficient in marketing as they are in design technology. With a wealth of combined experience, our Design team has created marketing-oriented and visitor-friendly websites for clients spanning many industries. Our versatility is the foundation for your success.

Designed To Meet Business Objectives

We don’t just focus on aesthetics. We work to ensure that the culture and texture of your organization is portrayed in the proper light. We seek to understand your company’s customers and create a flow within the website that is tailored to them. The goal, to package your products’ unique value proposition in such a way that every visitor, no matter where they are in the consumer buy funnel, is left with the impression you want to make.

Our Web Design Services Include

  • World class professional website design and development capabilities.
  • Landing page design / Website usability enhancements.
  • Dynamic (database driven) pages using ASP.NET, ASP, JSP and cold fusion.
  • Professional Flash website development and animation.
  • Java and Javascript interactivity.
  • Audio and Video streaming.
  • Expertise in Cold Fusion, Ultradev, Dreamweaver and more.
  • Professional 3D presentations and virtual tours.
  • Building and integration of databases in SQL, Sybase, DB2 and Access.
  • Professional programming skill sets include C++, Visual Basic, Javascript and PERL development.
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