Have a web expert at your fingertips whenever you need one, no need to train your staff.

Website Maintenance

To hang on to the edge you have really worked hard to achieve in your business, means having to constantly value add to your service/product offering, package new deals etc. This results in creating a constant state of flux in all your work areas, especially your channels of communications where the online ones play a pivotal role, establishing the need to update your website at an extremely regular basis.

This is where our website maintenance services come into play, helping you reduce costs that you would otherwise incur towards hiring fulltime programmers, developers or training your existing employees. This also helps you concentrate on your core competencies instead of spend time on issues that you can completely forget about, by outsourcing them to us.

Web maintenance activities can include

  • Fresh content or managing existing content
  • Uploading new images
  • Adding new products / services
  • Managing Case Studies
  • New Schemes for Promotions
  • Email Campaigning and newsletters
  • Search Engine Optimization

A key driving force in the dynamic business environment today, is increasing business efficiency through process automation. This helps reduce overheads, and ultimately can be seen in higher return on investments and increasing profit margins.

We help you do all this, by simplifying your business for you, by building applications and software solutions that allow you to collaborate, share data, and run certain aspects of your business from a web browse. We can provide complete “turn-key” solutions specific to your business needs thus increasing the productivity of your resources.

We have proven experience in enhancing, integrating, and delivering software solutions customized to your business requirements, and accomplish this through:

  • Latest technology expertise
  • Rapid deployment
  • Scalable and cost effective solutions
  • Effective interaction between the team and the clients.
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